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Make Your Game Sound Great

There’s nothing quite like sound to make your game come alive, tell your story and create an atmospheric game world that draws in the player.

But making your game sound great can be quite an undertaking. There’s talent to find, book and coordinate – and the sounds need to be implemented. All that on top of the rest of the development process.

However, it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Game Sound – The Epic Sound Way

With our award-winning sound team and external talents, we deliver a package that makes your game sound its best – from music, sound design and voices to localization and post production. With sound for more than 60 games under our belt, we also know how to help your developer team test and implement the sounds.

All this ensures your game sounds the way you want – and frees up resources so you can focus on making the rest of your project shine too.

We’ve got many years of experience in making game sound work – and with a strong team of composers, sound designers and voice actors, we’ll make sure your game sounds amazing. Contact us on the right for a free quote.

Why Give Your Game An Epic Sound?

Exclusive audio from an award-winning sound team


Get help with everything from the original music, sound design and voices to processing and mixing


Music supervision and sound talent coordination


Get a game sound solution that fits your budget


Game audio services

  • Original music for ingame, cutscenes, intros, outros
  • Jingles and fanfares for win/lose/bonus/rewards
  • Single sound effects
  • Ambiences and full soundscapes
  • User interface & UX sounds
  • Audio mixing, mastering, post production
  • Character voices and narration – casting, recording, editing, processing
  • Script translation & QA
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    Disney • Coca-Cola • Fanta • Nokia • LEGO • Fox Kids • Stimorol • Sprite • Sony • MTV • Honda • Sky Bet • Pfizer • 20th Century Fox • Hugo • Triumph • Cartoon Network • Grundfos • Rentokil Initial • Geberit • GN Otometrics • China Mobile • Carlsberg • ECCO • Novo Nordisk • Citibank • SuperBest • Jamo • Cisco • Fruittella • SEGA • Maersk • Nickelodeon • Teliasonera • VELFAC • Regner Grasten Film • Zentropa • Ghost • A. Film • Einstein Film • Fridthjof Film • Team Productions

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