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Updated March 2013


Napoleon: Total War Creative Assembly / SEGA
Empire: Total War Creative Assembly / SEGA
Viking: Battle for Asgard Creative Assembly / SEGA
Hugo Retro Mania KREA
Smack A Seal Zaxis Games
Magic in the Trollwoods KREA
Hula Holiday NDS
Lemoon Twist ITE / NDS
Interstellar Marines Zero Point Software
HCA -Ugly Prince Duckling Guppyworks
Agent HUGO RoboRumble ITE
Hugo Penguins ITE
CannonCruise ITE
Rulleræs Kongo Interactive
Stop Graffiti Kongo Interactive
Gangland Mediamobsters
To Command and Serve Interactive Vision
Jesus & Josefine Mediamobsters / Aller Press
Games (titles undisclosed) SkyBet
Games (titles undisclosed) Craftwork
Games (titles undisclosed) NDS
Bukkazoom ITE
Runamukka ITE
AmiAmi Kart Amigo Games
Jesus & Josefine Mediamobsters
Dexter’s Laboratory NDS Denmark
Scooby Doo NDS Denmark
Pool Craftwork
Scrabble Craftwork
Blockbusters NDS Denmark
Watta Lotto Wild West NDS Denmark
Mad Cap Keno NDS Denmark
Santa Bingo NDS Denmark
Fancy a Flutter NDS Denmark
Brd. Mortensens Jul Mediamobsters / Aller Press
Billy Northwind Soft
Poker Champs Poker Champs
Baz-Cat MediaMobsters
Ooh Matron NDS Denmark / Mecca Games
Kiloo: Bandit Kiloo
Kiloo: Roulette Kiloo
Gamers 2 Gamers Gamers 2 Gamers
The Evil Mirror ITE
Black Diamond Fever ITE
Hugo ITE
Hugo 2 ITE
Jungle Island ITE
Jungle Island 2 ITE
Hugo in the Hut ITE
Hugo Classics #1 ITE
Hugo Classics #2 ITE
Hugo Classics #3 ITE
Hugo Classics #4 ITE
Hugo Classics #5 ITE
Stinky & Stomper ITE
Animals of the Ocean ITE
Forces of Nature ITE
Heroes of the Savannah ITE
The Bewitched Rollercoaster ITE
Secrets of the Forest ITE
The Magic Journey ITE
The Magic Oak ITE
Interactive Advent Calendar ITE
Hugo Saves Christmas ITE
Scylla’s Revenge ITE
Genetic Species Marble Eyes / Vulcan Software
Foundation Sadeness / Epic Games

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  • Date 2013-03-24
  • Tags Games

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