Documentary Sound

Shape The Sound Of Your Story

Sound plays a vital role in how you tell the story in your documentary – and we can help you shape that sound.

From original music, sound design and voices, we ensure that your documentary sounds its very best and fits with your vision.

And if your audio recordings need to be cleaned up or processed, if you want to bring in narration, or localize your documentary for new markets, we’ve got you covered too.

Documentary Music – The Epic Sound Way

When it comes to the music, Epic Sound’s Simon Ravn is an award-winning composer who has scored a number of highly successful documentaries.

He not only works with the real orchestra and soloists – he’s also one of Europe’s leading orchestral sample library experts, making his modern orchestral sound accessible to more project types.

So when you want your documentary to sound its very best, bring us on board, and shape the sound of your story.

Why Give Your Documentary An Epic Sound?

Custom sound from an award-winning team


Exclusive documentary music, with full orchestra, soloists or custom libraries


Get help with everything from the sound design, voice recording, dialogue editing to processing and mixing


Music supervision and sound talent coordination


Get a solution that fits your budget


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    Some of our references
    Disney • Coca-Cola • Fanta • Nokia • LEGO • Fox Kids • Stimorol • Sprite • Sony • MTV • Honda • Sky Bet • Pfizer • 20th Century Fox • Hugo • Triumph • Cartoon Network • Grundfos • Rentokil Initial • Geberit • GN Otometrics • China Mobile • Carlsberg • ECCO • Novo Nordisk • Citibank • SuperBest • Jamo • Cisco • Fruittella • SEGA • Maersk • Nickelodeon • Teliasonera • VELFAC • Regner Grasten Film • Zentropa • Ghost • A. Film • Einstein Film • Fridthjof Film • Team Productions
    Documentary sound services:

    Original documentary music – with full orchestra, soloists or custom sample libraries • Custom sound design • Single sound effects • Ambiences and full soundscapes • Mixing and mastering • Voice casting, recording, editing, processing • Dubbing, narration and ADR • Script translation and translation QA

    Selected documentary projects

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