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Sound branding and sound design for products

Give Your Brand An Epic Sound Identity

Whether you’re working on a specific product or project – or your brand profile in general – sound branding is one of the best ways to stand out and ensure a consistent, clear and recognizable brand identity.

And in fact, you already have a brand sound – without even thinking about it. It’s the sum of the sounds you’re using in your products, projects, your campaigns and presentations.

But does your sonic fingerprint consistently match your message, your audience and communicate what your brand is about? And are you using the right sounds in the right places?

Sound identity services

Brand sound analysis • Sound identity strategy • Music and sound supervision • Content creation: Music, sound logos, sound design • Sound testing and target group research • Target platform implementation • Brand sound rights and ownership

How we do it

We work with you to determine the areas where your audience come into contact with your sound. And we then create a consistent sound identity that compliments your brand and works across all your touchpoints.

Our team of award-winning composers and sound designers collaborate with DELTA Acoustics and others to test, refine and target your sound.

And unlike others, we offer you full ownership of your sound – giving you the freedom and flexibility to really use your sound identity where and when you want it.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest companies to define and design their sound – and we’ll be glad to help your brand sound razor-sharp too.

What You Get

Exclusive sound from an award-winning team

Everything you need when it comes to sound

Sound right on all your target platforms

No stress about sound project management

Get a solution that fits your budget

Need sound branding?
Some of our references
Disney • Coca-Cola • Fanta • Nokia • LEGO • Fox Kids • Stimorol • Sprite • Sony • MTV • Honda • Sky Bet • Pfizer • 20th Century Fox • Hugo • Triumph • Cartoon Network • Grundfos • Rentokil Initial • Geberit • GN Otometrics • China Mobile • Carlsberg • ECCO • Novo Nordisk • Citibank • SuperBest • Jamo • Cisco • Fruittella • SEGA • Maersk • Nickelodeon • Teliasonera • VELFAC

Our latest projects

OPPO ColorOS 14 sound design

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Epic Sound ApS
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