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Phones with an Epic Sound

Project Description


Epic Sound composer Asbjoern Andersen has worked closely with the sound team at Nokia to create innovative sounds and sound branding for their new products, such as the Nokia Lumia 1520, 1020, 928, 920 and all the additional phones in the Lumia and Asha ranges.

The Nokia sounds are heard around a billion times a day around the globe, and in an article about the project, Asbjoern comments: “Nokia has one of the most recognizable brand sounds in the world and has done lots of pioneering work to innovate and evolve sound on mobile phones. And I think bringing in a living, breathing orchestra really takes this to the next level. This gives the products a unique, organic sound you don’t normally hear on mobile devices.”

Project Details

  • Client Nokia
  • Category Branding, Featured
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