Invasion From Below

Music & sound for LEGO®

Project Description


Creative agency Advance brought in former PIXAR story artist Jorgen Klubien to direct ‘Invasion From Below’, an animated 23-minute Hero Factory feature for LEGO® – and when it came to the sound, we created everything but the voices.

We often work on separate projects in Epic Sound, but for this one, everyone got involved: Simon, doing the original score, and David and Asbjoern doing the sound design, mixing and audio post.

In Invasion From Below, the city of Antropolis is overrun by beast from under ground, and Hero Factory is called in to investigate. This leads to a dramatic, action-packed journey underground – and we had a blast creating the sounds for the creatures, weapons, robots, ambiences and all the rest of the soundscape.

For the score, Simon brought out the big guns to give the feature a powerful orchestral soundtrack.

Invasion From Below has been viewed more than half a million times already – and you can check out the full feature above.

Project Details

  • Client Advance / LEGO®
  • Category Featured, Movies
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