Creating the sounds for Breaking Bad

There’s a great feature up on Co.Create on how the sound design for hit series Breaking Bad is made.


Co.Create: What is unique about the way audio is used on Breaking Bad?
Nick Forshager: Most (hour-long) shows average about 38-42 minutes of music, and on Breaking Bad we’re down to 10-12 minutes on a 40-minute, almost 50-minute episode. For the sound of the show, the space is really small. There are a lot of intimate scenes that take place between two or three people that are very tight.
What makes it unique is the sound; we don’t really look at the world around us very much–we look at the space between the two people. So, if you had a scene set in Saul’s office, or at a dinner table, it’s all about that intimate sound that makes the scene. It’s a hand gesture, it’s a chair-creak.
The actors bring so much into that already, but when we put the sounds in, it gives you a feeling in that space–you can really sense how the emotions are coming across, partly because the sound is so small.

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