Audio homework with Chuck Russom

Sound designer Chuck Russom launched an experiment where he asked people to record and submit sounds from their surroundings, and I think some quite interesting sounds came out of it. Check the comments below the waveform for an explanation of the source for each recording. The cat certainly has a creepy sound to it :)

A couple weeks ago, I asked readers to send me sounds that they had recorded. The only guideline I gave was the it was supposed to be recorded new that week. I got quite a few responses, way more than I expected. It’s really awesome to get sounds from people all over the world, all using different types of equipment. Some truly inspiring recordings were submitted. I want to thank everyone who took the time out to record and share their sounds. Hopefully this exercise has inspired you to record more often.

Audio Homework 01 by crussom

Read the full post over at Chuck’s blog.