Around the world in sound

Check out the brilliant Aporee sound map, featuring user-submitted recordings from across the globe. It’s easy to upload your own recordings – but if you just feel like listening, stop by as well for an aural journey across the planet.

aporee maps has started 2006, based on former artistic research on mapping, spatial conditions and the navigation between the real and the virtual. It develops from the insight that it is basically impossible to map the complexity of todays public spaces.

Against the background of an increasing awareness of spatial aspects in media and the popularity and presence of visual geographies like google maps, the idea was to connect sound and space, and to create a cartography which focusses solely on sound, and open it to the public as a collaborative project.

Meanwhile it contains 1000s of recordings from numerous urban, rural and natural environments, showing the sonic complexity of these environments, as well as the different perceptions and artistic perspectives related to sound, space and places.

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Go explore the Aporee sound map right here!


(via @timprebble)