Creating Social Sound Design

Check out this interview with sound designer Andrew Spitz, creator of the excellent Social Sound Design resource:

I created Social Sound Design (SSD) to bring together the various disciplines of sounds. Many of the online sound communities are focused on one discipline or topic. However, now sound designers often participate in more than one discipline; this means they have to oscillate between many forums to find all the information to satisfy the needs of a project.

In order to consolidate the flow of knowledge, I created Social Sound Design. I wanted to create a forum for sound designers — from all disciplines — to come together, ask questions, and get answers. I would like to see SSD grow into a community-driven space for sound designers to share knowledge and help flatten the steep learning curve of all disciplines of sound design.

Read the full interview over at the Sounddesign blog – and to see what Social Sound Design is all about, visit the site here.