An interview with recording engineer John Kurlander

Film Music Magazine has an interview up with Grammy-award winning recording engineer John Kurlander, whose credits include work on the Lord of the Rings, The Hurt Locker and Assassins Creed II soundtracks + many more.

Please explain your role when working with composers. What is the engineer responsible for during the recording process?

The recording engineer / mixer is responsible for session planning, room setup, mic selection, creating the sound recordings, and eventually refining and finalizing those sounds in the mix. It’s a truly wonderful job and just the chance to be working with so many talented musicians is a joy in itself. The best thing is that as technologies and tastes are quickly updating and changing, no two recordings are the same, and it’s a constantly evolving art. Having said that, many of the challenges and pitfalls can easily be avoided by doing lots of homework, research and forward planning. Especially on the large orchestral sessions where time, money and reputations are all on the line.

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