The sound of Bioshock 2

Miguel Isaza from Designing Sound has an exclusive interview with Michael Kamper, audio lead on the award-winning Bioshock 2:

DS: How did the art concept and the story of the game influence you and the team to create and lead the sound?

MK: Certainly, the fact that the game was going to be set 10 years after the first BioShock established the atmosphere of BioShock 2. I really wanted the ambience to sell the fact that Rapture was constantly falling apart around the player. We put a lot of creaking and groaning throughout the backgrounds. As you progress, you are also getting closer and closer to Lamb’s (the main antagonist of the game) domain. The audio in that level has a lot of weird non-diegetic sounds that really play off the insanity of the Splicers. We took those elements and stretched them backwards through the game so the player slowly encounters more and more of those elements, illustrating how “infected” the world around the player is becoming.

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