Creature sounds

I’ve been designing creature SFX recently, and after the first few creatures, found myself returning to the same elements (snake hisses, walrus roars, tiger gurgles, etc).

Don’t be afraid to try playing with inorganic things too, like old hinges, dragging metal, hydraulic pumps/pistons, old engines, etc.

Rubbing a plastic surface that has a lot of little ridges (e.g. a placemat) can produce a nice high-pitch, easily ‘performable’ sound. Rubbing quarters on a wooden table can yield some slick, insect-like skittering, as can running one of those dog-tag style metal ball necklaces along a plastic container.

In terms of adding a surreal or unique quality to the sound post-recording, I’ve been getting good results with Rovee, various Chorus or Harominzer effects, ReaPitch, Reaper’s time-stretch (alt-click-drag), and U-he Uhbik-G.
– Jonathan Alfred Eric Grover

Need some creature sounds to build from? You’ll definitely want to check out this collection of creature sounds then. For creatures and monster footsteps and movement, the STOMPS – Creature Footsteps sound effect library has a huge number of designed creature sounds, as well as pure foley sounds for making / sweetening your own.