Great, in-depth interview with the audio team on The Last Of Us

Over at the Frontliner, Sam has done a great, detailed interview with the sound team on The Last Of Us.

He’s spoken with James Barker – Dialogue Supervisor, Phillip Kovats – Audio Lead, Erick Ocampo – Sound Designer, Jonathan Lanier – Audio Programmer, Scott Hanau – Associate Music Producer, and Derrick Espino – Senior Sound Designer.

As individual team members what was the highlight of making The Last Of Us for each of you?

Derrick: Going into it, we knew that this would be a rare opportunity for the audio team, because The Last Of Us was designed to need so much attention to sound. Given the use of not only sound, but also silence, the game had to have a pretty strong sonic signature.
That was a bit scary, but it was also exciting, because it’s common for sound designers to have to struggle to get their sounds heard in the final mix, but that wasn’t the case here.
Consequently, the sound quality had to be very good. So we focused on everything, from characters fighting to dust falling off a door.

Read the full interview with the sound team here