Great In-Depth Feature With The Blizzard Game Audio Team

The Frontliner has a great, in-depth feature up with the sound team at Blizzard – responsible for game series such as Diablo, Starcraft and many more. In the feature, editor-in-cheif Sam talks to Blizzard’s Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Joseph Lawrence and Andrea Toyias about the music, sound design and voices:

Overall, what were some of the most creative things you did in creating sound effects for Diablo III?

One particular method that we have employed a few times that we continue to build upon involves masking tape and gunpowder. We create little winding trails of gunpowder encased in masking tape. When lit, they make extremely detailed and sometimes percussive sizzling fire sounds. These are all over Diablo and other Blizzard titles and have been used extensively for skill sound effects in Diablo III.

Check out the full feature here.