The Sound Of Looper

Over at Designing Sound, Shaun Farley has a great interview up with Jeremy Peirson, sound designer on Looper:

DS: What were you asked to bring to the project? Did they have any ideas that wanted to see you work on? Was there anything that you wanted to bring to the film?
JP: Well one of the things I talked to Rian [Johnson] about early on was this concept that I’ve been working with: things evolve within a scene. Just because you have a background track doesn’t mean that it stays the same for the entire time you’re in that scene. Things are constantly changing depending on either the mood of the scene, or the kind of texture that you’re trying to help out with. It’s a slightly musical idea and not necessarily obvious. In reading the script, there was a lot of opportunity for that, especially in all of the different types of locations we’re in…in the cities, or the farm area with all the bugs and different wind and tress…that kind of stuff. That’s one of the things I really wanted to bring to it.

Read the full interview on the sound for Looper here.

– and check out the trailer for the movie below: