Sofia Coppola and Brian Reitzell on music supervision

Tying in with the release of The Bling Ring, Pitchfork has interesting interview up with Sofia Coppola and her music supervisor Brian Reitzell:

Pitchfork: There’s a lot of music, but there’s also a lot of silence in this film.
BR: I really don’t like the way most movies and TV shows are supervised– I hate when there’s someone singing over dialogue, songs just thrown in there. It’s out of control and it’s getting worse. The library companies have made it so that music is so cheap to license. They do sound-alikes of every band, and it makes it harder for the actual bands to get any decent paychecks for licensing. It’s just a very excessive time. Hopefully we’ll inspire some people to use music with a little more respect. There’s never anything gratuitous in Sofia’s movies.

Read the full interview on music supervision and more here.

Check out the trailer for The Bling Ring below:

(via @lydrummet)