Interview with Cloud Atlas composer Reinhold Heil

Tracksounds has a fine interview up with Cloud Atlas composer Reinhold Heil – hear the full audio interview here:

– or read more about the Reinhold Heil interview here

Composer Reinhold Heil talks with Christopher Coleman about his work on one of the most unique films of recent years, CLOUD ATLAS. He shares his reaction to how both the film and score was received as well as the special challenges this project presented to himself and his collaborators: Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer. We also present FIVE previously unreleased tracks, in their entirety, from the Cloud Atlas original score!

Episode Highlights

00:28 – Intro and Reinhold Hold Bio
02:20 – Exclusive track #1: “Frobisher’s Audition (Modern)”
04:52 – Exclusive track #2: “Frobisher’s Audition”
07:43 – Interview: Reacting to the Film’s Reaction
13:15 – Interview: Score Reaction – The Glue
22:04 – How the indy-film-budget affected the score
23:48 – The Scoring Pre-production process
27:34 – Exclusive track #3: “The Cloud Atlas Sextet for Piano”
32:11 – “Composing is like a dragon”
34:11 – Omnipresent melodies
37:06 – Exclusive track #4: “Luisa, We Gotta Be Together”
39:11 – Three themes and multiple hooks
40:50 – Exclusive track #5: “Cloud Atlas Sextet for Choir”
48:17 – Crafting the Sextet and its variations
51:45 – Did Ayrs really co-compose the sextet with Frobisher?
57:22 – Lasting thoughts about scoring Cloud Atlas
60:13 – Conclusion and final notes

Music Selections

00:02 – “Luisa, We Gotta Be Together” (Cloud Atlas) by Reinhold Heil
02:41 – “Frobisher’s Audition (Modern)” (Cloud Atlas) by Reinhold Heil
28:28 – “The Cloud Atlas Sextet for Piano” (Cloud Atlas) by Reinhold Heil
40:40 – “Sonmi Meets Chang” (Cloud Atlas) by Reinhold Heil, Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek
44:49 – “Cloud Atlas Sextet for Choir” (Cloud Atlas) by Reinhold Heil
57:55 – “Cloud Atlas Finale” (Cloud Atlas) by Reinhold Heil, Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek