Walking, swamps or wet mud

For something walking around in the swamps or wet mud, try: – A big heap of totally wet toilet-paper on your desk… – Mount the mic close up… – “walk” around on it with your fingers… splash away!! Then mix it with whatever Foley footsteps you want.
– Kim M. Jensen

One day I laid out a tarp in my iso booth and did a smash up session with lots of vegetables and melons. At one point, I filled up a bucket of sludge (I believe that would be called a sludgebucket) and abused the contents for a while. I use that stuff for muddy sludgey footsteps, not to mention parts of all kinds of hits, stabs etc. Could be just what you’re looking for. Word of advice though: Do not get rid of the results down the garbage disposal like I tried to do. Cost me $200 in plumbing cleanout :)
– Jamey Scott

I think a wet sponge or rag with the right timing (heel / toes) will do the job.
– Manuel Laval

The best way I found to get the sound I wanted was to fill a 4×2 plastic case with earth and water. We actually made the footsteps with our hands in it.
– Jerome Boiteau

If you’re real recordings of swamp walking, the Footsteps Bundle delivers a big arsenal of sounds.