Tentacles, sliding

Get a few day’s worth of stubble on your face. Go somewhere real quiet and record running your hand and arm under your chin – it mixes in nice with the hairs on your arm. Or as I just found out, get a mouse mat with a rubberized or cloth surface and rub that under your chin :-) To further this idea maybe put some shaving gel on and take a credit card and lightly rub it across? That way you get bristly with a bit of slime.
– Dave Sullivan

Can you still find those squishy balls with gooey liquid inside where you live? Some company had produced a bunch in the shape of eyeballs, hearts, etc (until Tipper Gore or Pat Buchanan saw one and shut them down). I saw a knock-off version in China Town a few weekends ago so somebody is still making them. Might be a nice overlay to whatever you find to make the sliding tentacles.
– Atom Ellis

Having just eaten a bowl of macaroni and cheese shells, I have to say it’s the most convincing tentacle sound I’ve ever heard. It also made the bowl harder to finish :-)

Use the rounded shells specifically as they have little pockets for air and extra squishy sounds..u get that suction cup action going, literally.

Also, I was told that rubbing 2 nickels together with your thumb and forefinger and altering that is a great way to get a sort of creepy crawly sort of noise. It may not be slimy enough, but there are ways to goo it up I’m sure :-)
– Jay Semerad

Hard bristled brush and a wet sponge with scouring pad on one side scraped along something soft like a bath towel. You’ll be able to get nice long runs at this if you need looped sounds.

Also, for slimy – ‘washing hair’ at different tempos with varying amounts of shampoo is ok.
-Dave Sullivan