Interview with ‘Evil Dead’ composer Roque Banos

At Film Music Magazine, Daniel Schweiger has a great interview up with composer Roque Banos, who’s doing the score for the Evil Dead remake.

Probably the most unique, and hair-raising instrument in the score is an actual siren, which might be a first for a horror score. How did you hit on that idea?
It was coming from those nightmares that I got right when I began to score the film. I spent several nights dreaming about demons chasing me and chopping my body apart! I always awoken suddenly by police sirens. One night I was really annoyed by that siren, and thought it might cause the same impression in the movie, so I made the sample and used it in some places. Fede rapidly loved it, and we started spreading it out through the whole movie. I was really a discovery!

Read the full interview with Roque Banos on the score for Evil Dead here.