Interview with composer Nils Frahm

Over at Designing Sound, Varun Nair has done a really nice interview with talented composer Nils Frahm. He has a great, organic sound – as can be heard in the clip above, which was what the first track I heard from him.

About a year ago I watched ‘An Island’, a documentary film by Vincent Moon on the Danish band Efterklang. The whole soundtrack of the movie is extremely musical and is a great example of sound design and music creating a great blend. It was almost no surprise to see Nils Frahm credited for mixing and recording the soundtrack.
Frahm is not only an accomplished producer and mixer at his studio in Berlin, he also releases music (mostly piano based) under Erased Tapes Records that are usually a fine balance of beautifully crafted noise and music while also collaborating with artists like Ólafur Arnalds and Peter Broderick. His recent release, ‘Screws‘, is available for free to download and rework.

Read the full interview with Nils Frahm here.