Ice skating

Get yourself a Tile Cutter, the type with a sharp metal disc that is dragged across a tile. Smooth glazed tiles are best.. you get a great crunchy, squeaking sustained sound as you drag it across. You can get different effects by putting rock salt or the tiles or mute it with a sheet of paper.You can also get great sounds when you slowly split the tile and the glaze breaks first. It also works well for cracks propagating through ice or glass. I also got some good sounds sounds by rubbing the faces of two glazed tiles together, rotating at different speeds. Again a bit of chunky rock salt in there adds some nice texture :) I just went to a local hardware store and grabbed a load of different thicknesses and sizes out of their ‘odd and sods’ bin, only cost a few quid.
– Steven Taylor

Dropping stuff on sand can be good. Fine sand is better, but drop various size objects into about 6 inches deep of sand and you can get some good swooshes as the sand moves from the object impact. Not too heavy an object as you don’t want a big thunk. This can be mixed with other sounds to add to the icey feel.
– Stephan Schütze