April Fools’ Day: Epic Sound moves to Greenland

After days of preparation, we’re finally ready to announce that we’ll be moving our entire operations to Greenland. The largest island in the world and the northernmost part of Denmark, Greenland offers some unique possibilities when it comes to sound.
Sound designer David Filskov is particularly excited for the opportunity to record pristine snow and authentic wildlife: ‘We do a lot of projects that call for sounds of seals, walruses and snow foxes. Sound libraries don’t cut it anymore – I want to go straight to the source. I’ll be recording live from the field as I wrestle polar bears and go for that perfect squeal of the Arctic Seagull, with clients listening in and directing via Skype.’
Composer Simon Ravn is also thrilled by the prospect: ‘I’m an avid skier, and I’ve simply had it with Copenhagen – it’s just too flat to get anything done. Also, a modern studio requires a lot of hot-running equipment, and Greenland pretty much solves our cooling situation.’
Composer Asbjoern Andersen chimes in: ‘It’s going to be amazing. I look forward to recording more outdoor performances there, as I love what sub-zero temperatures do to instruments and musicians. The shivering really adds a lot.’
The studio will be located in the town of Qaanaaq in Northern Greenland, and the town can be reached in just days traveling from Nuuk. We’d like to invite all clients and collaborators to come visit – if you’re in the area, do drop by and we’ll have plenty of local treats and hot coffee ready for you. See you in Greenland (and happy April Fools’ Day! :) )