15 Songs That Defined the Sound of Apple Marketing

Over at Mashable, Max Blau takes an interesting look at the 15 songs that accompanied the launches of their now-iconic products:


Apple’s marketing has changed the career trajectories of musicians around the world. A 30-second music clip in an Apple commercial often heralds instant fame and heaps of MP3 downloads for artists.

How did Steve Jobs and Apple do this? Apple has managed to tie its products into our personal culture. The company designed its products with our songs, films and ideas in mind. Apple’s soundtrack is our soundtrack.



1. iPod 1G: The Propellerheads — “Take California”
In October 2001, Apple debuted its first commercial for a portable MP3 player called the iPod. The ad predated the dark silhouettes featured in their later campaigns. The Propellerheads did not latch onto Apple’s increasing popularity, however, as they never released an album after the ad aired.


Well worth checking out – have a look at the full list here.