Running for Epic Sound

In addition to everything sound-related, running is another one of my great passions – and last Sunday, I completed my second marathon, running for Epic Sound. I had my marathon debut at the Paris Marathon about seven weeks ago with a finish time of around 03:50, and this time, I ran the Copenhagen Marathon in 03:37.

Copenhagen Marathon completed for Epic Sound - forgot to wear our t-shirt though!

It was a great race, and the legs are now well underway to making a full recovery – though climbing the stairs to our 3rd floor studio is still proving to be a bit of a challenge.. :)
And if you take a stroll by the lakes of Copenhagen on a Sunday afternoon, you might spot David or Simon from Epic Sound going for a run. Later this year, we’ll also be running in the DHL Relay Race, the largest relay race in the world – should be a lot of fun.


If you, like me, spend a lot of time sitting down in the studio or office, I highly recommend that you give your ears a bit of a rest once in a while by donning your running shoes and hitting that trail :)