Interview with composer David Arnold

Film Music Magazine has an interview up with composer David Arnold, talking about his score for the latest Narnia film and composing in general. Well worth checking out!

Taking up the NARNIA scoring sword from Harry Gregson-Williams, Arnold makes a symphonic splash that marks his third collaboration with director Michael Apted after THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH and AMAZING GRACE.

And as Aslan the lions leads the returning English youths, Prince Caspian and a host of beloved magical creatures through sometimes stormy waters, Arnold unleashes the kind of old-school fantastical melodies, brooding choruses, nautical swashbuckling and sorely missed sweet magic that’s sure to please the ears of legions of C.S. Lewis fans.

It’s a score that’s also full of that old time thematic religion for lovers of big movie score melody, let alone audiences who appreciate tunes that sweeps their still-young imaginations into new worlds.

Read the full interview with David Arnold here.