How Musical Are You?

The BBC Lab UK has a test up to gauge your musical abilities:

The test asks a number of questions, including how engaged you are with music, if you consider it an important part of your identity and whether you rely on it to change your moods and emotions.

It also includes some musical tests, so you can see how good you are at grouping together different musical styles, memorising tunes and recognising the beat in a piece of music. Don’t worry, even those with no musical training can take these tests and do well.

At the end of ‘How musical are you?’ you will receive an individual musical profile, with scores on five different dimensions of musicality, plus your scores for the musical tests. By relating your survey responses to your performance on the musical tests, we’ll find out which aspects of musicality are affected by musical engagement and which require formal musical training.

So tune in and try your hand – you might find you’re more musical than you think!

Take the test right here!