The best voice actors of all time

Bernardo Villela over at The Wilmington Movie Examiner has taken a look at what he considers to be the 10 best voice actors of all-time:

10. Lorenzo Music (frequently credited as L. Music)

Music will have mostly television credits but most are significant. He is most well known for being the one and only voice of Garfield for years, sadly he passed before the film version and Bill Murray stepped into the irreplaceable part. His other credits include Peter Venkman on The Real Ghost Busters and Tummi Gummi on The Adventures of the Gummi Bears. He broke into voice work as Additional Voices on Hannah-Barbara’s The Jetsons.

9. Maurice LaMarche

He is perhaps most well-known as being the voice of The Brain, however, Maurice LaMarche has a much more flexible voice than most people realize playing stints as several characters including: George Wilson on Dennis the Menace, Chief Quimby on Inspector Gadget and recently on a straight-to-DVD film Inspector Gadget, Popeye, Egon Spengler on The Real Ghost Busters, Dizzy Devil, Scuttle on the TV show of The Little Mermaid, Orson Welles in Ed Wood, Jeremy Hawke on The Critic, Pepe Le Pew in Space Jam, video game incarnations of Yosemite Sam and Wile E. Coyote; Alec Baldwin in Team America: World Police, not to mention many narrator gigs, more than 200 credits total.

No prizes for guessing the winner though :)

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