The music and sound design of Starcraft 2

Over at the Gamespot Sound Byte blog, Sophia Tong has posted a great interview with Starcraft 2 audio director Russell Brower:

GS: In terms of sound design, how did you approach Starcraft II to get the right sound for the game?

RB: Well, we built upon the soundscape that was established in Starcraft, so we do consider the sound for Starcraft II evolutionary rather than revolutionary. So that meant continued use of mechanical sounds. We recorded an endless number of small contraptions. There were large machines; there are sounds made from electronics and synthesizers; and of course with the zerg, there were a lot of fairly gross sounds that came from our various concoctions of flour, water, salt, and goop…and a lot of unmentionable stuff that made our studio a challenge to clean up afterward.

Read the full interview with Starcraft 2 audio director Russell Brower here.

And check out the game trailer below: