Audio interview with Brian Tyler, composer on “The Expendables”

Daniel Schweiger over at Film Music Mag has yet another great, in-depth audio interview up – this time around with Brian Tyler, composer on “The Expendables”.

Given Brian Tyler’s talent for also registering myth-making emotion through the mayhem, it seems a given that his powerful work would catch the ear of the legendary Sylvester Stallone, who enlisted Tyler in the formidable task of following in Jerry Goldsmith’s boots to accompany a new adventure of “Rambo.” Tyler’s mix of ethnic rhythms and a gung-ho orchestra made sure that Stallone would stand vibrantly tall as he wiped out another army.

Now Tyler’s re-upped with the actor-writer-director for his biggest, most knowing salute to all that is macho with “The Expendables,” whose army of Mercs make exhilarating mincemeat out of the villains holding thrall over a Latin American island. And leave it to Tyler to once again do them proud with patriotic bombast, batteries of percussive action runs and a virtual marathon of explosive builds- not to mention some real melodic heart to the high-fiving destruction of lives and property.

Hear the interview right here, or hop on over to the original post:

Audio interview with Brian Tyler on “The Expendables”

Check out the trailer for “The Expendables” below: