In-depth audio interview with Hans Zimmer on ‘Inception’

Daniel Schweiger over at Film Music Magazine has a great, in-depth audio interview up with composer Hans Zimmer, on his score for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’.

It’s a composer’s job to unlock the imagination of their directors, translating their flights of fantasy into melody. Few musical dreamweavers have shown as much imaginative dexterity in that regard as Hans Zimmer. Yet even fewer directors have given Zimmer a true match for his talent like Christopher Nolan, whose enigmatic oeuvre consists of such head scratchers as “Memento,” “Insomnia” and “The Prestige,” not to mention two movies featuring The Dark Knight, whose imposing bleakness was abetted by the anti-hero rhythms of Zimmer and James Newton Howard.

If hearing Nolan’s imagination was a tough nut for Zimmer to crack before, then his new film “Inception” takes the filmmaker’s intellectual bent to spectacularly inscrutable heights. It’s a brain-bending, sci-fi tinted mix of “Mission Impossible,” impeccably dressed James Bond action and enough meditations on the nature of humanity and dreams to make Carlos Castaneda scratch his head. Providing a thematic through line to “Inception”‘s multiple, and insanely complicated plains of dream action is an equally surreal, and beautifully thrilling score by Hans Zimmer.

Hear the interview below, or hop on over to the original post here.

Interview with Hans Zimmer on the music for ‘Inception’