Free access to 3 million music tracks in Denmark

For anyone living in Denmark, the public libraries just launched an amazing service

– free (as in tax-paid) access to more than three million music tracks!

You can ‘downloan’ music – ie download as many tracks you want for a seven day period – at, and they have a great selection of both new and older material available.

They’re using Windows Media Audio (WMA) files with DRM, meaning the tracks won’t work on some portable players (hello iPod) – but if you’re not an Apple aficionado, it’s a brilliant service.

Depending on which library you’re registered at, you can also gain access to streaming playback of the tracks.

If you’re a registered reader at your local Danish library, you can log on with your normal credentials for instant access to millions of tracks and 200.000+ albums – not bad at all!

Check it out at