The Art of Music Supervision

Cinematical has an interview up with experienced music supervisor Randall Poster, whose recent credits include The Hangover, Up in the Air, Jennifer’s Body, Whip It, Gentlemen Broncos and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Cinematical: Just to get started, how did you get started as a music supervisor and what’s involved in it as a job?

Randall Poster: I came to doing it in an organic way. I graduated from college and I didn’t really have any clear direction, really. Subsequently, a friend and I wrote a script that was based around a college radio station that reflected some of our experiences. People were interested in it and we developed it at the Sundance Institute and made this movie [A Matter of Degrees] in 1990. It was a really long, hard road to completion, and I really enjoyed it, and there was a very big musical component; we recorded songs and made a record, and [through that process] I sort of found out I really wanted to work with great film directors. This was sort of an area where I was just going to try to become an expert and focused in. That sort of started things out and I began to work with some of my peers who were making movies, and one movie led to another and it just sort of it became the focal point and a career doing it was born. So it was a pretty organic evolution.

Read the full interview over at Cinematical.

(via @lydrummet)