Audio interview with composer John Debney on ‘Predators’

Film Music Magazine has a great, in-depth audio interview up with acclaimed composer John Debney on his score for Predators. Well worth a listen!

Debney drives the chase with a role that’s equal parts acolyte and new interpreter, turning the vibe of one great hunter into his own fresh meat.

But then, for all of the sunny comedy he’s popularly played with the likes of “Liar Liar,” “Jimmy Neutron” and “Valentine’s Day,” Debney has shown a dark side that’s gone for the throat with “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “The Relic” and “End of Days,” not to mention a mammoth sense of symphonic adventure in his rollicking work for “Cutthroat Island.”

All of those styles come into play for “Predators” with a vengeance, making for a score that’s an homage in all the best, creative possibilities- and one, that along with “Iron Man 2,” will likely propel Debney further up the list of summer blockbuster action composers.

Hear the full interview with John Debney right here!

Update: Came across this footage from a ‘Predators’ scoring session – have a peek below: