Epic Sound on the music team for ‘Napoleon: Total War’!

The cat’s out of the bag: ‘Napoleon: Total War’ is out today, with Epic Sound’s Simon Ravn on the music team – and reviews for the music have been fantastic!

Check out the launch trailer below, and click here if you want to get in touch with Simon.

‘Napoleon: Total War’ is the follow-up to the multi-award winning ‘Empire: Total War’ from Creative Assembly, and the music for the game is being lauded by reviewers.

Here are just some of the comments:

• Gameinformer: ‘A fantastic operatic score chronicles Napoleon’s rise and fall’

• IGN highlights the ‘great score’

• Eurogamer.it praises the soundtrack

• Meristation calls the soundtrack ‘excellent’

• Spaziogames awards the sound 9/10

• NZGamer gives the sound a 9.5/10 rating

• IGN Australia rates the sound at 9.5/10

• 3djuegos awards the sound for the game a perfect 10!

• Gamesnation: ‘sound at the highest levels’ – 9,20/10