Designing your audio demo reel

I’ve written a guide with tips and ideas on how you can create a great-sounding audio reel.


It’s still work-in-progress and I’d appreciate any input you might have. Follow the link below to view the guide and to submit your changes and ideas on Google Knol.
I can’t guarantee that your modifications will be used in the final version – but if they are included, I’ll of course ensure that you’re added to the contributors list. The final version will be posted on this site and can be used elsewhere if proper attribution is given.

Having a great audio demo reel can make or break your career in music, so it’s vital that it is as good as possible. But how do you go about putting a great reel together? Read on for tips and ideas on creating an audio reel that will land you that next project!

Read the ‘Designing your audio demo reel’ guide by clicking here. I hope you find it useful, and will be looking forward to your feedback and changes!